John Mayer Tattoo:Colorful Left Sleeve

John Mayer Details Magazine

John Mayer has made his body a wonderland throughout the years,after getting inked gradually on his left and right arms. Today,we’ll be checking out the John Mayer sleeve tattoo on his left arm,a collection of several black-and-white and colored pieces he collected 2008 and 2009.

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Eve’s Chest Tattoo:The Infamous Paws


Hip-hop artist and actress Eve has paw print tattoos strategically inked on each of her breasts. These have become so famous that the design has been copied hundreds of times,but never seem to duplicate the sexiness Eve brings with the paws.

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Harry Potter:Death Eaters’Dark Mark Tattoo


If you’re a Harry Potter fan and you prefer the Death Eaters over Harry’s team,then you know all about the Dark Mark –a famous tattoo design derived from the best-selling books and box-office films.

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Kate Moss Tattoo:The Star &Crescent Moon on her Ankles

kate moss star ankle tattoo

Kate Moss,one of the richest fashion models in the industry today,is a fan of super small tattoos inked on sexy locations of her body. Two of these tattoos are located on her left and right ankles.

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Kelly Ripa Tattoo:Consuelos


On February 2010 at her morning show “Regis and Kelly,”Kelly Ripa  revealed a new tattoo  in honor of her husband-of-13-years Mark Consuelos.

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