At the 2008 MTV Movie Awards, Johnny Depp revealed a new tattoo with the three words: “Silence, Exile, Cunning.”

Silence, Exile Cunning Johnny Depp tattoo meaning: These words actually have a deeper meaning. It was taken from the James Joyce book, “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.” The book’s main character Stephen says near the end of the book:

“I will tell you what I will do and what I will not do. I will not serve that in which I no longer believe, whether it call itself my home, my fatherland, or my church: and I will try to express myself in some mode of life or art as freely as I can and as wholly as I can, using for my defense the only arms I allow myself to use – silence, exile, and cunning.”

TRIVIA: If you’re a Johnny Depp fan, you know that the talented actor is an avid reader. He is also an artwork collector.

31959, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Thursday June 25 2009. Johnny Depp is greeted by hundreds of fans as he leaves the Ed Sullivan Theater after appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman . The actor appeared on the show to promote his latest movie Public Enemies , which premiers on 1 July. Photograph: © Darla Khazei,